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The Delta Centre of the University of Tartu is one of the most modern centres of digital technology, analytical and economic thought in the Nordic region. Join our community on Facebook!
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The University of Tartu Delta Centre brings together a vibrant community of students, researchers and innovators in the fields of computer science, robotics, technology, mathematics, statistics, economics, management and business. The Delta Centre combines learning, excellence in research and the challenges of business and society, creating innovative solutions for economic and social progress.

We develop a variety of collaborative formats, organise and partner with inspirational events.

Building Building


With its unique architecture and organisational structure, Delta represents a step-change in cross-disciplinary studies and research, as well as in how the university interacts with business and society.


The Delta Centre was designed by architectural bureau Arhitekt 11 and the 24,000 m2 building was built by construction companies Rand and Tuulberg and Ehitustrust. With its state-of-the-art architecture and location in the heart of Tartu, Delta is an important landmark in Tartu cityscape.


The construction of the University of Tartu Delta Centre was funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the Republic of Estonia and the University of Tartu.


Endless competence perspectives

Delta is a multidisciplinary centre for learning, research and innovation, creating new and unique value in areas of cross-cutting research and across organisations.

Smart people

Delta is an open centre for partners with over 2,500 students, faculty, professors, researchers and coprorate RDI staff.

A Healthy mind in a healthy Delta

Delta is surrounded by nature and active life - Ülejõe Park, the River Emajõgi, the University Sports Hall and various sports clubs.

Cafes and culture

Delta is located in the heart of Tartu, within walking distance of dozens of city cafes, restaurants and cultural centres. Our Delta Café is the cherry on the cake!


Delta is a unique cross-disciplinary centre for learning, research and innovation the likes of which are difficult to find in Europe.

Corporate Units in Delta Business Building

Swedbank SEB Cybernetica Eesti statistika Tartu Science Park Stacc ESA

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Welcome to the Delta Community
Dear students, today’s and tomorrow’s partners and other interested parties, Delta is a modern academic and research centre of the University of Tartu, focussing on cooperation between the university, society and business.

Students and researchers can contact the institutes located in Delta through the University of Tartu website Partners can find suitable contacts at the Delta team link below.



Delta team

University of Tartu Delta Centre


Study and Research Building
Narva mnt 18 / 51009 Tartu / ESTONIA
Open Monday to Friday 7:30 am – 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 8 am – 5 pm (main entrance only)


Delta Café is open Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm.; +372 5302 8944


Reception Desk (only technical information):
+372 737 6363; + 372 5331 4670


Location map


Business Building
Narva mnt 20 / 51009 Tartu / ESTONIA

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