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The Neuromarketing Laboratory of the University of Tartu demonstrated its capabilities

The first Neuromarketing workshop was held on December 17 for Enterprise Estonia analyst and applied research staff.

The researchers conducted participants’ eye-tracking experiments using different types of eye-tracking methods. In addition to on-screen eye tracking and mobile eyewear, they also introduced the lab’s latest VR shelf, where products can be tested on a virtual reality shelf. It also showed how to measure emotions with FaceReader software and use Shimmer GSR to measure affects.

The Neuromarketing Laboratory has been conducting research on neuromarketing for over 5 years. The laboratory has supervised more than 50 graduation theses and conducted dozens of applied researches for companies. The year 2020 will be different for the laboratory as it will relocate to the University of Tartu Delta Center. This gives them access to the best neuromarketing laboratory facilities and technology in the Baltics.

The idea for neuromarketing workshops for businesses and organizations is simple – to introduce neuromarketing research methods, labs, equipment and techniques that researchers use. Science and knowledge are enriched by various experiments on neuromarketing. A mini-survey is conducted during each workshop. All participants will see how the experiment is conducted and how the study results will be achieved. Participants can conduct a mini-survey of their organization’s visual material (products, promotional materials, advertisements or website).

Please contact or for a workshop in the Neuroscience Lab.

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