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Mark Fisher’s inauguration lecture on Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing – an inaugural lecture by Mark Fišel
Tartu University Assembly Hall
22 January 2020

On Wednesday, 22 January, Mark Fišel, Professor of Natural Language Processing at the University of Tartu’s Institute of Computer Science, delivered a lecture in the university assembly hall on natural language processing solutions that do not require annotated examples or linguistic knowledge encoding. Fišel, who compares his field of work to the search for a free lunch, called his English-language lecture just that: ‘Free Lunch’.

According to Mare Koit, a language technology specialist at the University of Tartu, natural language processing has made significant progress thanks to the adoption of machine learning and statistical methods and the availability of large language corpora. “Mark became active in the field as a student and has since produced significant results in the field of machine translation in particular,” she said. “Under his leadership, the Chair of Natural Language Processing is conducting a number of research projects and working with business partners. For instance, Estonian was added to the Common Voice project by Mozilla, which is used to collect freely usable speech datasets. Mark’s colleagues and students value his ambitious ideas, how hard-working he is and how much energy and enthusiasm he has.”

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