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Delta X final winners

The Delta X student competition finals took place on the 27th January 2021. The winners were selected in four different categories: robotics, digital solutions, business models and mathematics. The best teams were awarded with monetary resources or mentoring to bring their ideas to life. Congratulations to all the winners and good luck making the projects happen!

Robotics category

Robot basketball

  • I place Age of Gods
  • II place DipWookie
  • III place True Ranomness

Special prizes:

Eyecatching looks – Tulihänd
Noteworthy electronics – pOliver

Autonomous drone challenge

  • I place The Drone
  • II place Cowboy Bebop
  • III place No Imagination

Special prizes:

Quickest landing – The Drone
Quickest overall execution time – The Drone

Digital solutions category

Smart solutions in the University of Tartu Delta centre

  • I place DeltaQR
  • II place Delta visualisatsiooni projekt
  • III place Blazingly fast and typo tolerant search engine

e-ID hackathon and audio or video processing:

  • I place Biometric Access Control System Using ID Card
  • II place Face recognition

Art in science:

  • I place StringArt
  • II place Brain Data Visualization
  • III place SwingFinity ja Image Reproducing with Genetic Algorithm

Self-diving competition:

  • I koht Team 1
  • II koht Team 3
  • III koht Team 2

Mathematics category

Visual aids

  • I place Siinus- ja koosinusteoreemide videoseeria
  • II place Simpsoni paradoksi video
  • III place CorDartboard

R or Python package

The jury did not give out prize places in this category.

Business models category

New start-up ideas

  • I place Iselagunevad hauaküünlad
  • II place Pillbox
  • III place VELUM

Recognitions: Konnekt, Print on demand

Social innovation

  • I place CommuniCare
  • II place Sorterman
  • III place E-MO and ÕF Futuruum

Recognitions: Infinder, LearNet, Workstud


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