World Statistics Day at the Delta Centre

The Institute of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of Tartu invites all to take part in the World Statistics Day celebration at the Delta Centre.

Venue: University of Tartu Delta Centre room 1037 / UTTV

Date: 20 October 2020

Time: 14:15–17:45

Language: Estonian and English

Registration for on-site participation:

This year’s World Statistics Day celebration of the University of Tartu comes bigger than ever. The event takes place in two parts, in which you will have the chance to learn more about today’s challenges of statistics. There will also be a panel discussion in which experts in statistics, politics, informatics, and economics exchange views on presenting and interpreting numerical indicators. The event is also going to be broadcast on UTTV. The celebration will be carried out with the help of Statistics Estonia, Estonian Research Council, Swedbank, and SEB.

Delta X 2021 – student competition

Delta X is a competition for students and upper secondary school students, organised in cooperation by the University of Tartu and the City of Tartu.

Delta X is lead by the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, the Institute of Computer Science, the Institute of Technology and the School of Economics and Business Administration.


The goals:

  • To encourage students to challenge themselves
  • To promote solutions based standpoint in the University of Tartu
  • To create premises for collaboration across fields of research
  • To offer solutions to real-life problems



    • Smart solutions in the University of Tartu Delta centre
    • Art in science: how to see art in mathematics, data science and other fields of science?
    • eID hackathon: new solutions for the Estonian electronic identity ecosystem
    • Audio or video processing: webcam and/or microphone-based real-time solutions
    • Self-Driving Competition
    • New startup ideas
    • Social innovation, ideas that change the world
    • Visual aids in mathematics and statistics
    • R or Python package to facilitate solving mathematical or statistical problems


In the robotics, digital solutions and mathematics competition, the best teams are awarded by:

  • I place 1 000 euros
  • II place 500 euros
  • III place 250 euros

In the Business models category, the best teams are awarded:

  • We will help the winner open the door to their dream partners! Before the final, we ask each team to send the three most important customers for them both in Estonia and in the world. The Faculty of Economics helps to bring you together with them thanks to our experience and network of contacts. Be it a large or small company, a ministry, an international organization or other exciting partner.
  • For the second and third place, there are surprise prizes

The best of the mathematics competition are also recognized by Statistics Estonia.


Tartu is the European Capital of Culture 2024. One of the themes for the capital of culture year is innovation and novel solutions for modern cities. This is the reason why Tartu city government will give special prizes for projects which best of all innovate city life.



  • To register your team, please fill in the application down below.
  • Registration for robotics and the business models category is open until 31st of October 2020.
    • When registering to the business models category, a slide show must be submitted (see the rules for more details)
    • When registering to the robotics category, submitting additional files is not mandatory.
  • Registration for digital solutions and mathematics category is open until 13th of January 2021. With registration, the submitting the competition project is obligatory.
  • The organisers will send a confirmation of registration to the participants.


  • Competition projects can be submitted in Estonian or in English.
  • The category of competition have to be chosen during registration.
  • The organisers have the right to change the category of competition, if necessary.
  • Participating teams can submit a request to change the category by email to


  • The teams are not evaluated based on competition levels , e.g. the age of participants.


  • The team may consist of up to five people. If the team has valid reasons for having more members than five, it has to be previously agreed with the organisers.
  • At least half of the team members must be students of upper secondary or vocational school or higher education institution.
  • In a one-member team, the project presenter must be a student of upper secondary or vocational school or higher education institution.


  • Every competition category has a contact person appointed by the organiser.
  • The teams can involve up to two instructors. The name(s) and contact information of the instructors have to be disclosed in the registration application down below or emailed to the organisers later. (


  • Preliminary competitions and development events may be held in some competition categories. The relevant information will be published on the website of the Delta centre,
  • In the finals, the projects will be evaluated by competition categories.
  • Evaluation committees are formed by competition categories.


The rules open in new tab, if you click on the competition category


Further information and questions:

*Data protection policy

Delta Economic Conference 2020 “IN SEARCH FOR NEW DEVELOPMENT MODELS”


Venue: University of Tartu Delta Centre
Address: Narva mnt 18, Tartu, Estonia
Language: Estonian
Date: 18 September, 2020
Time: 10.00 – 18.00

The overall theme of the Third Delta Economic Conference of the University of Tartu is “IN SEARCH OF NEW DEVELOPMENT MODELS”

The Delta Economic Conference at the University of Tartu is a great opportunity to hear what scientists have come up with lately and to exchange views with experts in their field. You can also meet talented students who present their theses and reminisce with their former classmates on common study times. Both the Sandbox of the Institute of Computer Science and the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation have their own sessions.

Some of the keynote speakers include:

  • Prof. Jüri Allik, Professor of Experimental Psychology, Academician, University of Tartu
  • Kaidi Ruusalepp, Founder and CEO of Funderbeam
  • Anu Masso, Associate Professor, Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, TalTech; Senior Research Fellow in Data Studies, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Tartu

The conference is organised by: the School of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Tartu, the Institute of Computer Science, the Institute of Technology, the Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, sTARTUp Lab and the alumni club Hermes of the School of Economics and Business Administration.

The conference will be moderated by: Krista Jaakson from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu and Mihkel Solvak from the Johan Skytte Institute for Political Studies, University of Tartu




Delta X Idea Festival

Delta X Idea Festival is a pre-event of the Delta X 2021 student competition

Venue: University of Tartu Delta Center
Date: September 17, 2020
Time: 15:30 – 22:00
Language: English and Estonian

Delta X is a competition of students in the fields of robotics, digital solutions, business models, and mathematics, organized in cooperation between the University of Tartu and the City of Tartu. The aim of the Delta X competition is to encourage students to put themselves to the test, to promote a solution-oriented view, to create preconditions for cooperation across scientific fields, and to offer solutions to real-life problems. Delta X competition finals will take place on January 27, 2021.

The Delta X Ideas Festival is a pre-event for the Delta X competition for university students, upper secondary school students, and recent alumni from all schools to gather ideas, present your startup or project ideas, or join a team.

Why participate in the Delta X Ideas Festival and its hackathon:

  • The Delta X Ideas Festival introduces the Delta X competition categories, learns how to generate and recognize good ideas on a hack, and provides tips for their implementation and/or the opportunity to join exciting projects.
  • If you have an idea that could change the world – even a little bit – we will help you develop and test it, find a team of excellence, take the first steps and implement the idea.
  • If you don’t have an idea yet, you have the opportunity to find the “right” idea and a cohesive team to make the world a better place.

Participation in the ideas festival is FREE, but registration is required:

Delta X Ideas Festival is organized by the University of Tartu Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, the Institute of Computer Science, the Institute of Technology, the School of Economics and Business Administration, the sTARTUp Lab, and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The event is partly supported by the European Social Fund and EIT Health.

Delta Trends Day 2020


Organiser: University of Tartu Delta Centre
Venue: World Wide Web
Date: May 26, 2020
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Language: the working language is Estonian, except for Geoff Mulgan’s presentation, which is in English
Target Group: business people and entrepreneurs, educators and school leaders, researchers and otherwise curious people, statesmen and community enthusiasts, medical and public health professionals, students and high school graduates

New business and life models are emerging from the crisis. While the topic of recent months has been the COVID-19 crisis, its effects, duration, mitigation measures, exit strategies, etc., the Online Delta Trends Day 2020 looks further – we are trying to see the wood for the trees.

Together with wise people and visionaries, we seek to decipher the major changes and new opportunities in various areas of life – business and economy, education and science, government, international relations, medicine and public health, urbanisation and rural life, our daily lives.

Delta Trends Day seeks answers to questions such as:

  • What are the main changes resulting from the crisis in different areas?
  • What are the threats and opportunities of these changes?
  • What should we do as a country, a region, a company, a university and people to seize opportunities?

Delta Trend Day 2020 is free for everyone!

Additional information, registration and the streaming link in Facebook:


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Contact us

Welcome to the Delta Community
Dear students, today’s and tomorrow’s partners and other interested parties, Delta is a modern academic and research centre of the University of Tartu, focussing on cooperation between the university, society and business.

Students and researchers can contact the institutes located in Delta through the University of Tartu website Partners can find suitable contacts at the Delta team link below.



Delta team

University of Tartu Delta Centre


Study and Research Building
Narva mnt 18 / 51009 Tartu / ESTONIA
Open Monday to Friday 7:30 am – 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday 8 am – 5 pm (main entrance only)


Delta Café is open Monday to Friday 8 am – 5 pm.; +372 5302 8944


Reception Desk (only technical information):
+372 737 6363; + 372 5331 4670


Location map


Business Building
Narva mnt 20 / 51009 Tartu / ESTONIA

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