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Delta Trends Day 2020


Organiser: University of Tartu Delta Centre
Venue: World Wide Web
Date: May 26, 2020
Time: 10:00 – 17:00
Language: the working language is Estonian, except for Geoff Mulgan’s presentation, which is in English
Target Group: business people and entrepreneurs, educators and school leaders, researchers and otherwise curious people, statesmen and community enthusiasts, medical and public health professionals, students and high school graduates

New business and life models are emerging from the crisis. While the topic of recent months has been the COVID-19 crisis, its effects, duration, mitigation measures, exit strategies, etc., the Online Delta Trends Day 2020 looks further – we are trying to see the wood for the trees.

Together with wise people and visionaries, we seek to decipher the major changes and new opportunities in various areas of life – business and economy, education and science, government, international relations, medicine and public health, urbanisation and rural life, our daily lives.

Delta Trends Day seeks answers to questions such as:

  • What are the main changes resulting from the crisis in different areas?
  • What are the threats and opportunities of these changes?
  • What should we do as a country, a region, a company, a university and people to seize opportunities?

Delta Trend Day 2020 is free for everyone!

Additional information, registration and the streaming link in Facebook:


Geoff Mulgan
Professor of Collective Intelligence, University College London (UCL)

Reet Aus
Fashion Designer, Reet Aus Studio Store, UPMADE®

Toomas Asser
Rector, Professor of Neurosurgery, University of Tartu

Mari-Liis Lind
Co-founder & CEO, Creativity Accelerator for Kids and Youths

Urmas Varblane
Professor of International Business, Academician, University of Tartu

Kitty Kubo
Innovation Lead, Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Karl Kruusamäe
Associate Professor, Robotics, Institute of Technology, University of Tartu

Raul Eamets
Dean, Economist, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tartu

Urmas Klaas
Mayor, Historian, City of Tartu

Tõnu Mertsina
Chief Economist, Swedbank Ltd.

Erkki Leego
Chief Digital Officer, University of Tartu

Hendrik Agur
Director, Kohtla-Järve Gymnasium

Kadri Ukrainski
Head of the School of Economics and Business, Research and Innovation Policy Professor, University of Tartu

Jaak Vilo
Head of Institute, Academician, Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu

Krista Fischer
Professor of Mathematical Statistics, Senior Research Fellow of Biostatistics, University of Tartu

Erik Puura
Vice-Rector for Development, Environmental Scientist, University of Tartu

Tarmo Jüristo
CEO, Estonian Civic Activist, Center for Policy Studies PRAXIS

Garri Raagmaa
Director, Human Geographer, Pärnu College, University of Tartu

Aune Valk
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Psychologist, University of Tartu

Dan Bogdanov
Head of the Department of Information Security Systems, Cybernetica AS

Kai Härmand
Deputy Secretary General, Estonian Ministry of Justice

Kristjan Port
Professor of Sports Biology, University of Tallinn

Annika Lentso
Monitoring Manager, Economist, Enterprise Estonia

Kristjan Vassil
Vice-Rector for Research, Social Scientist, University of Tartu

Raivo Vare
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Economist, Baltic Horizon Fund

Alvo Aablo
Professor, Robotics, Institute of Technology, University of Tartu

Priit Salumaa
Entrepreneur, Mooncascade, Garage48 Foundation, Solarcar

Ott Pärna
Head of Marketing, Economist, Delta Centre, University of Tartu

Tanel Talve
Community Activist, Leader of Demand-Based Public Transport, Voose Village Society

Erki Saluveer
CEO & Mobile Data Expert, Mobile Big Data Analytics Company Positium Limited

Sulev Reisberg
Research Fellow of Health Informatics, Institute of Computer Science, University of Tartu

Kaupo Voormansik
Radar Remote Sensing Expert, Researcher, KappaZeta Ltd. & Tartu Observatory

Andres Metspalu
Professor of Biotechnology, Academician, University of Tartu

Rain Rannu
Founding Partner, Angel Investor & Filmmaker, Superangel & Fortumo

Tea Danilov
Head, Economist, Foresight Centre of the Chancellery of the Parliament

Andres Salumets
Professor of Reproductive Medicine, University of Tartu

Kaur Andresson
Global Account Director, Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing Company ENICS

Ardo Hansson
Economist, Supervisory Board Member of Coop Pank in Estonia

Margo Külaots
Chairmen of the Management Board, Fortum Eesti Ltd.

Heidi Kakko
UT Council Member, Growth Fund Partner, BaltCap Ltd.

Martin Arula
Managing Director, Toftan Ltd.

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